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Personalised Bamboo STRAW

Personalised Bamboo STRAW

Personalised Bamboo STRAW


Personalise your bamboo straw with your name to make it even more unique! 

Order today and we will deliver your unique bamboo straw with-in 5 days! FREE FREIGHT*!

These unique one-piece bamboo straws are handmade in rural Vietnamese villages, supporting the local communities.

...Did you know that 500,000 million plastic straws are used every day!?

  • Made from natural and sustainably sourced Vietnamese bamboo 
  • Each straw is unique in size, look and colour
  • Treated naturally to prevent mould and smell
  • Based on circular economy and cradle to cradle perspectives
  • Food safe for cold and warm liquids
  • Approx 20 cm long
  • The diameter ranges from 0.6-1.5 cm 
  • Bamboo is a natural material with a limited product use
  • Laser Burning Info: You can write your initials, name or a text, but maximum 12 letters. The approx height of the letters are 2 cm. The laser burning visibility can vary from straw to straw