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Martin and Frantz are both very passionate about handcrafted products and in supporting long life-disciplined communities in rural areas.   

Local villages
All the products are handmade from one-piece bamboo in local villages in Vietnam. The villages range from 20 to 200 families and over generations each family has specialised techniques in handcrafting their own unique products.

Danish designs with global principles  
Our designs are are all based on circular economy and cradle-to-cradle perspectives; all parts can be separated, changed and re-used.

We combine modern Danish designs with traditional Asian culture. As well as our skilled craftsmen, we have chosen to work closely with well-known Danish designers and architects, to handcraft simple designs whilst maintaining functionality.

We are honoured to work with Holscher Design, one of Denmark's/Scandinavia's first and biggest design and architect companies. Holscher Design is founded by Knud Holscher, born in 1930. Knud still attends the office for an hour every day, but he has passed on his legacy to his son, Rasmus Holscher.

"The team behind Bamboo LIFE is a trinity between two idealistic entrepreneurs with local production facilities in Vietnam – and Holscher Design. The drinking bottle Bamboo LIFE was created with focus on minimising the load on world resources and as an initiative to support the development of local societies in Vietnam in their aim to quench people’s thirst.

For more than 50 years Holscher Design has created long lasting design solutions for a better and more sustainable world".

- Rasmus Holscher