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'not just bamboo' is a Danish social impact company, founded by longtime friends Martin Elsøe Jensen and Frantz Byrch Pedersen. Martin and Frantz are also founders of 'not just a bottle', established in 2015 to fulfill their own needs for a sustainable, unique and reusable drinking bottle.

After the success of not just a bottle and the growing interest in bamboo products, 'not just bamboo' was launched; offering conscious consumers a larger range of sustainably sourced bamboo and eco related products.

Why the name?
When you buy from 'not just bamboo', you are not just buying an eco-friendly bamboo product produced under conscious and holistic principles, you are also helping to support rural Vietnamese local economies, meaning workers are guaranteed access to three fundamental human rights: food, shelter and access to safe filtrated drinking water, something we all take for granted all too often.

Your purchase also helps to diminish the shocking and saddening use of plastic and single use plastic products, which pollutes our oceans and our atmosphere, which impacts everyone’s health on a global scale. 

What do we do?
We believe sustainable handmade designs can change consumer behaviour. We therefore challenge current production techniques, materials and designs via zero waste, holistic, cradle-to-cradle and circular economy perspectives.

Our innovative bottle 'Bamboo SPORT' was created and developed by Frantz, and is the world's first handcrafted one-piece bamboo bottle with a re-usable silicone inlay and lid. Each individual bottle is hand drilled in local Vietnamese homes, using skills passed down through families, like below picture of a father and son.

Why we do it?
Our personal interests and values in eco-sustainability are not just about how cheaply a product can be made, but also on how a product can be responsibly produced, using natural materials, limiting waste throughout the production process, and supporting communities in rural areas.

Our mission is to provide access to safe filtered drinking water in 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries.

We have from November 2017 till December 2018 built 10 electricity free, self-sustaining and sustainable rainwater filtration projects in Vietnam. Those projects have provided 1600 students, teachers and families access to safe and clean drinking water in Vietnam. You can read more here

Why Vietnam?
Frantz has studied, worked and travelled extensively throughout Asia since 2000. In 2015 he spent several months in Vietnam, visiting local handicraft villages, government officials and meeting families maintaining and harvesting local bamboo. He developed a passionate appreciation and love of Vietnamese culture and craftsmanship and was driven to give back to the communities that inspired him.  

Ever the explorer, the Vietnamese appreciation, attention to details and smiling eyes, reminded Frantz of his trip to Mount Everest Base Camp back in 2012 - his fascination with Vietnam means he continues to build strong ties with the families he meets along the way.