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Sustainability is the new innovation
We focus strongly on making products more efficient and effective, using fewer resources and leaving as little impact upon the environment as possible. 

Sustainability to us means questioning current working methods, designs, and materials, manufacturing products with a conscious, creative and holistic approach.

Sourcing - a clean focus  
Our bamboo is sourced from local bamboo forest communities, home to hundreds of families in Vietnam. We chose it specifically due to its incredible natural strength, and natural regrowth rate without the use of fertilisers and pesticides.

We employ locals via a 40:60 male to female ratio. Whether working in villages, forests or factories, everyone has guaranteed sustainable working hours. not just bamboo endeavors to ensure all staff start work only after schools have begun, and finish by late afternoon so they are able to enjoy quality time with their families at home. 

Natural production - a conscious choice
All not just bamboo products are made from sustainably sourced bamboo or knitted materials from Vietnam. Reaching staggering heights of 30 meters, bamboo is one of the fastest growing types of grass, which also binds carbon dioxide emissions more efficiently than slower growing trees.

The bamboo we source grows for 3-5 years and is harvested by hand, without the use of machinery. This part of our processing ensures zero carbon dioxide emissions or air pollutants are released into the environment.

We also ensures no plastic or unnecessary packaging materials are used during transportation, shipping and delivery to the end customer.