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Bamboo - the fastest growing plant on Earth!
Frantz has travelled around Vietnam visiting remote bamboo villages, forests and factories to further understand the history and culture behind bamboo farming. During these trips, he fell in love with the process of how bamboo is maintained and harvested in Vietnam, and realized the potentials of such a strong, adaptable and naturally fast growing material.

Bamboo is an incredibly versatile raw material. It's long lasting, anti-bacterial, has a tensile strength stronger than steel, releases 35% more oxygen compared to trees, and can regrow up to a staggering 30 meters within just 3-5 years. 

Below picture is Frantz and his father, Tonny in the bamboo forest visiting the families supplying not just bamboo with bamboo stalks.

Sourcing principles 
Frantz has spent a considerable amount of time with Vietnamese government officials from the districts of the local families employed by not just bamboo. This is to ensure they are paid as promised and are working on appropriate bamboo areas to farm, making sure that the local government's sustainably sourced and harvested certification criteria are met. All not just bamboo products are designed, developed and produced within these principles.

Bamboo is an incredibly authentic and unique material; every single piece is different. Whether it is the grain, size, thickness or weight, this means each completed bottle, toothbrush, or cup is perfectly imperfect - just as nature intended!