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We don't see waste as a problem, rather as an opportunity to utilize and support our production process. We believe it leaves the most limited negative impact on our environment. Bamboo can grow up to 30 meters in 3 years, tapering at the top. Bamboo stalks are divided into three sections; the bottom pieces are used for bowls and larger products, the middle parts for cups and bottles, and the upper parts for toothbrushes.

Before handcrafting products the bamboo is steamed with rainwater. The steaming machines are fuelled by burning leftover bamboo pieces in the furnace, meaning no electricity is needed.

Cradle to Cradle
The cradle-to-cradle and circular economy perspectives are crucially important to the design and manufacturing processes. 

Products are designed with regenerative principles, meaning each part can be separated and re-used. For example the not just a bottle lid can be re-used and the bamboo will biodegrade naturally over time. This creates a production framework that is both efficient and zero waste.