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Personalised Bamboo YOGA small Blue

Personalised Bamboo YOGA small Blue

Personalised Bamboo YOGA small Blue


Personalise your bamboo bottle with your name to make it even more unique!

Order today and we will deliver your unique bottle with-in 5 days! FREE FREIGHT*!

    ...Together we can stop the use and purchase of 1.000.000 plastic bottles per minute!

    • Made from natural and sustainably sourced bamboo from Vietnam
    • Handmade in local villages in Vietnam
    • Each bottle is unique in size, look and colour
    • Comes with a blue silicone lid 
    • Additional lids can be purchased in black, blue and green for the small and large YOGA bottles
    • Coated with a food and water resistant coating
    • Food and water safe and heat resistant up to 75 degrees Celcius
    • The silicone lid is food safe, LFGB approved, BPA-Free and with no heavy metals  
    • The silicone lid can resist heat up to 200 degrees Celcius
    • Waterproof lid
    • Capacity approx 250 ml 
    • Height approx 16 cm
    • Drinking diameter from 4,2 cm to 4,5 cm 
    • Bottle diameter (middle) 6.8 cm
    • Weight approx 280 gram (with out water)
    • Based on circular economy and cradle to cradle perspectives
    • Easy to clean - We recommend the bamboo to be hand washed only
    • The bamboo and silicone lid can be separated and re-used to avoid waste 
    • Designed together with Mencke & Vangby in Copenhagen, Denmark  
    • Laser Burning Info: You can write your initials, name or a text, but maximum 12 letters. The approx height of the letters are 1,0-1,5 cm. The laser burning visibility can vary from bottle to bottle