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The Bamboo Family set

The Bamboo Family set

The Bamboo Family set


We are excited to offer a discounted Bamboo LIFE & Bamboo YOGA large & Bamboo YOGA small bottle set.

You can chose your own lid colours. 

...Together we can stop the use and purchase of 1.000.000 plastic bottles per minute!

  • Made from natural and sustainably sourced bamboo from Vietnam
  • Handmade in local villages in Vietnam
  • Each bottle is unique in size, look and colour
  • Comes with Earth red, blue and green silicone lids unless other colours are selected 
  • Additional lids in black, blue, green and Earth red can be purchased
  • Coated with a food and water resistant coating
  • Food and water safe and heat resistant up to 75 degrees Celcius 
  • The silicone lid is food safe, LFGB approved, BPA-Free and with no heavy metals  
  • The silicone lid can resist heat up to 200 degrees Celcius
  • Waterproof lid
  • Capacity approx 380 ml for both the LIFE and YOGA large and approx 250 ml for the YOGA small bottle
  • Height approx 22 cm LIFE, approx 20 cm YOGA large and approx 16 cm YOGA small
  • Silicone drinking diameter 2 cm LIFE and 4.5 cm YOGA large & YOGA small
  • Bamboo inner diameter approx 4,8 cm / outer diameter approx 5,5 cm LIFE, and approx 4,2-4.5 YOGA large & YOGA small.
  • Weight approx 280 gram (with out water) for LIFE and YOGA large bottles and 250 gram for YOGA small
  • Based on circular economy and cradle to cradle perspectives
  • Easy to clean - We recommend the bamboo to be hand washed only
  • The bamboo and silicone lid can be separated and re-used to avoid waste 
  • Designed together with Holscher Design (LIFE) and Mencke&Vangby (YOGA large & small) in Copenhagen, Denmark