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Innovative one-piece bamboo products

We believe sustainable handmade designs can change consumer behaviour

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Water Filtration Projects

Giving back to local communities

Giving back

Personalise your bamboo straw and cup

Our natural and sustainably sourced one-piece bamboo straws and cups are handmade in rural Vietnamese villages supporting the local communities

Personalise your Bamboo toothbrush

Personalise your bamboo toothbrush to make it even more unique!

Our bamboo toothbrush handle is made by natural and FSC certified bamboo with castor-bean oil bristles

Corporate Bamboo Bottles

Say no to plastic cups and bottles at your office and get corporate or personalised bamboo bottles for your next meeting, event or as give-away gifts

Supporting the local communities

All our products are handmade in rural Vietnamese villages, where the drilling techniques are carried from generation to generation, like the father and son below.

Personalise your bamboo straw and cleaning stick

Personalise your bamboo straw to make it even more unique!

Our natural and sustainably sourced one-piece bamboo straws are handmade in rural Vietnamese villages supporting the local communities

Bamboo bottles

not just a bottle: The worlds first one-piece bamboo bottles handmade in rural Vietnamese villages. 

Each bottle is unique and made from natural and sustainably sourced bamboo with zero waste production techniques.

Coated with a food and water resistant coating suitable for cold and warm liquids.


We are glad to include not just bamboo as a BBC Wild Life supported and sustainable-living business.

The Danish Social Impact Company demonstrates the Ethical, Fairtrade and Responsible measures to promote a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly lifestyle.

We love NJAB because we share their values and their compromise with sustainability, zero waste and empowering people. Their design is amazing; it brings tradition and innovation together

I’ve followed Martin and Frantz since the beginning, and I’m very impressed with their drive and focus on making sustainable and unique handmade products. We've sold many bamboo bottles and as 'not just a bottle' is changing to 'not just bamboo' offering more products and also with their 'giving back' initiavte, our corporation has only become even stronger. Can't wait to start selling their products on our eco-platforms.

"It's a great sustainable bottle for our yoga and spa guests"

We could not be happier with our bottles!

We are using them every day and it has been a pleasure to talk about Not Just Bamboo at the beach.